Your dog’s bath and hair care

You probably want your dog to take a bath more than himself, especially if he has rolled in something bad outside the house. But to make life easier for both of you, there are a few things you can do your dog’s bath as pleasant experience as possible.

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Recommendations for dog’s bath

  1. Choose the best place for your dog’s bath. Using the tub is often the easiest; but if you have a very small dog, using a basin or sink may be more comfortable for both of you. If your dog has long hairs, be careful about the hairs getting stuck.
  2. Don’t forget to comb or brush it first. This will help you to remove broken hairs and open entangled tufts that are more difficult to handle when wet. Most dogs like to be brushed because they see it as a reward that can help them relax more.
  3. Wear an apron or wear old clothes. You will probably get wet!
  4. To prevent both you and your dog from slipping when entering and leaving, put a non-slip mat in your bathroom (especially if you have a large dog)
  5. Pour some hot water into the tub or sink. Cold water is not fun for dogs (imagine having a cold shower); but you don’t want it to be too hot, of course.
  6. The depth of the water depends on your dog’s height; make sure it is not too deep as it can cause panic. The sound of the flowing tap may also frighten it; so fill the tub before letting your dog in.
  7. Take your dog and put it in the tub. He will probably try to get out immediately; but you must insist on this.
  8. Use a plastic mug or jug ​​to pour water on your dog (If your dog doesn’t panic, you can use a shower cap). It can try to shake and splash water (including you).
  9. Apply the pet shampoo to your hands or pour it into your dog’s body, allowing it to dissolve in a little hot water. Then, using your hands, gently shampoo the shampoo into your dog’s hair – let the shampoo reach all the way to the skin. Try to prevent shampoo from getting into your eyes or ears.
  10. Rinse with hot water. Let your dog’s hairs be completely freed from shampoo; otherwise it may develop drying on your dog’s skin.
  11. Take him out of the bathroom – make sure you both don’t slip – and let him shake off the water. Then dry it by gently massaging it with a warm towel (or if you don’t panic because of the sound, you can use a hair dryer).
  12. Give your dog a reward for being good and finally brush it.

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