Why is your puppy barking?

Barking is a completely normal dog behavior and should be expected if your puppy grows up to be a barking dog. It is unrealistic and even unfair to think that you can train your dog to stop this; However, if you manage to control, you, your family and your neighbors will be happier.

“Stop barking”

It is surprising that many people have trouble barking with their dogs; dogs have no idea whether the barking is good or bad. Therefore, when a dog barks, it is sometimes ignored, another time it is yelled at to stop this; Moreover, they can be encouraged to bark, for example when a suspicious stranger is approaching. So, to help your dog learn the rules, we offer a helpful rule of thumb: bark until he is told to stop is acceptable.

barking dog

Cut Barking!

Should be regarded as an obedient command rather than a scolding. You should let your dog bark two or three times, then praise him for the beep, then “Stop Barkin” and hand a treat biscuit in front of him. Your dog will immediately stop, as he will not be able to smell the treats while doing it; a few seconds later, give him his reward.

Gradually extend the time between stopping barking and giving your reward; With just one training that takes as little as two minutes. You’ll be able to get your dog to stop barking – see the article on Clicker training. However, if you are worried about excessive bark that you cannot control. You should seek advice from your veterinarian about next steps. Such as a training or therapist.


It may sound like heartlessness, but you should know that trying to please your puppy when he whines will actually make things worse. He’ll think he’s being rewarded for whining and he’ll make it a habit. In fact, you can help him learn to let go by not returning to him when he groans. When you ignore your puppy and only show interest and praise him when he stops whining, he will learn that whining and crying is not the way to solve problems.

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