Why dogs keep eating grass?

Your dogs are imposing hunters and relative of the proven strong carnivorous wolf. You are giving them the best quality food possible; So why they insist on eating grass? While no one is entirely sure why dogs eating grass, experts in pet intuition are pretty sure this is a normal and absolutely worry-free dog behavior.

Dogs Eating grass

There are two main types of grass eating in dogs. The first is the type of grass eating where your dog gleefully crushes the grass and does not show any irritating effect.

Some veterinarians suggest that dogs eat grass due to a nutrient deficiency; however, even dogs with a good, balanced diet eat grass. They are only likely to like its flavor. It is like a salad for them. So even if you feed your dog well, he might still want some grass!

dog on grass

Instinctive behavior

Another type of grass eating is when the dog eats some grass and then vomits. This type of grass eating is thought to be an intentional attempt to induce an instinctive vomiting after the dog has swallowed something that bothers him. Dogs that eat to induce vomiting often swallow grass as quickly as possible, even with very little chewing. It is thought that long, unchewed pieces of grass cause scratching in their throats, causing a setting reaction.

If your dog vomits after grass and looks fine, attention should probably be paid to what is bothering him. If he continues to gag and is unable to vomit, or if he continues to eat grass and is vomiting, you should take your dog to the veterinarian.

Is it safe to eat?

In all theese type of behaviors, you should carefully examine the type of grass your dog ate. Do not let him eat anything that has been treated with pesticides or fertilizers.

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