Why does your kitten scratch

As your kittens grow, their nails will grow! And he will scratch to keep them pointed. Kitten scratch is a natural method of determining the area and an excellent way to gain good flexibility. In addition to the physical signs it will leave, scratching will also release hormones, leaving behind a scent. This helps him mark his area and be comfortable with his surroundings.

cat nails

Kitten Scratch

You should not prevent your kitten from scratching – this is a natural, healthy activity. However, it is clear that you will want to ensure that your furniture is not damaged. The best way to prevent this is to provide your kittens with a scratching board type covered with a rough surface, such as rope or bark, which seem to be their favorite. Place the scratching board in his favorite room and, like his movements, scratch it yourself and encourage him to use the board. You can also sprinkle a little bit of catmint on it to make it irresistible.

The kitten’s nails will grow constantly, so you will need to shorten your nails every few months. Your veterinarian will gladly do this job for you, or if you decide to shorten your nails at home, they can recommend the right nail clippers. You should only remember to ask your veterinarian for the safest way to cut nails.

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