Why does a cat meow?

Even a small cat knows and imitates cat sound. This ‘meow’ that is different from others is not just a simple cat sound. In fact, it is a surprisingly complex method of communication; so why do cats meow?

You can learn a lot about your cat by paying attention to this meow.

In fact, a cat’s voice is a personal feature, just like any human being. You can have a cat with almost no sound, or you can have a very chatty cat. Different breeds will produce different meow sounds in the same way. For example, Siamese cats are especially famous for their scratching screams.

cat sound

Cat Meow: Look at me!

The most common type of meow is the cat yelling poignantly to attract attention. The general situation in the environment can provide many things to help determine the cause of your cat’s meow. If he’s spinning around in the kitchen, he probably wants food. If your cat meowed when you just got home, he was probably just happy to see you and wants to be caressed or cuddled.

The welcome meow is also about mating, especially when repeated continuously. An angry cat will constantly meow to announce its presence to the males. In some cats, these meow hours can turn into a prolonged moaning at all hours of the day and night.

When a cat sees the prey it wants to take, it will sometimes make a strange creak and even sounds like bleating. No one is exactly sure why cats do this. Others suggest that it is a simple cat sound that shows anticipation or tension, just like a person snapping his lips. Some people also think that this strange sound under study is a tactic that the cat uses to fool its prey.

Its growling, spitting, hissing and screaming-like sounds are offensive or defensive cries. This is most obvious when your cat is hungry or scared. Similarly, the sound it makes needs to be explained a bit. Your cat is only satisfied.

It should be noted that if you have a calm cat who suddenly began to meow, or a noisy cat who suddenly stopped making sounds, this may indicate a discomfort in your cat. You should pay special attention to cats that begin to meow constantly while using the sandbox, cleaning itself or eating food. These may be signs that your cat has some kind of shortage.

Listen to the sound of your cat and enjoy it. He wants you to understand him.

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