Suggestions to Make Cat Toys at Home Part 1

The first part of the suggestions how to make cat toys at homeĀ 

In this article, we have examined practical ways to make cat toys ideas that you can easily produce with simple home materials. For our own health and the health of those around us, we spend much more time with our pets nowadays when we take care of staying at home and ensuring social isolation. Our pets, who are very happy to be at home constantly, may want us to take care of them and play games. Especially for our cats, who are used to staying alone at home all the time, it is very important to produce enjoyable activities where they can have fun. In this process, we can try to create toys and products that our cats can engage in while continuing to work from home and doing daily chores.

Make cat toys out of bottle cork

make cat toys out of bottle cork

Bottle corks are a useful material for many DIY projects you can do at home. You can produce a practical cat toy by sticking interesting materials like feathers, ribbons, colored threads with hot silicone on the circular surfaces of the cork stopper. Due to its soft and porous texture, cork will be a material that the cat will not be damaged while playing and will enjoy playing by passing their nails.

Make cat toys out of cardboard roll

make cat toys out of cardboard roll

It is possible to create fun toys by combining the cardboard cylinders that are located in the middle of the paper towels, which go to waste when the towel roll is finished, with various materials. By wrapping the cardboard roll with colored threads to cover the open ends of the cylinder, you can get a toy that your cat can scratch. You can also create a toy that the cat will be curious about by making a groove on the side of the cylinder and placing a product that can move like a ping-pong ball or a rubber ball.

make cat toys out of cardboard roll - 1

The ideas you can create with cardboard cylinders in the middle of the paper towel and toilet paper rolls are truly limitless. You can pierce the cardboard cylinder at random points and insert straw through these holes, or you can stick beads, plush balls to the side of the cylinder.

make cat toys out of cardboard roll -2

Our next recommendation also ensures that the cardboard cylinders that go to waste become useful. To dress the cylinder, you can knit a simple wool cover and add to the end of this cover you can create a striking toy with noisy materials such as bells, bells or beads. If you do not prefer to knit, you can get the same toy by wrapping an old T-shirt or socks around the cylinder.

Make cat toys only with one material

make cat toys out of cardboard roll -3

Toys that make a sound as they move are intriguing for cats. When the toilet paper roll is finished, you can place dry legumes such as chickpeas, beans or small balls into the cardboard cylinder that remains in your hand and then close it at both ends and turn it into a toy that makes a sound. Thus, thanks to this toy that makes a sound as the cat moves with its paws, you can have a pleasant time.

make cat toys out of cardboard roll -4

We also have a suggestion for those who only have cardboard cylinders and do not want to use additional materials. You can make cuts on the head and ends of the cylinder at regular intervals and open these cuts in the cardboard to expand the cylinder, making it a practical toy that the cat will enjoy rolling on the ground.

Make cat toys out of wool yarn

make cat toys out of wool yarn

It is now quite easy to produce fun toys that will attract the attention of the cat with pieces of fabric, textile materials, and threads. You can create colorful and soft cat toys by stacking wool threads.

Make cat toys out of wool toy

make cat toys out of wool toy

Of course, toys within the mouse figure are going to be extremely interesting for cats. You can knit mouse shapes with a small amount of woolen thread to fill with cotton or fiber. In order to detail the animal figures you produce, we recommend that you include beads and eyes, colorful threads and tail in your design.

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