Separation anxiety in dogs

If you have to leave your dog on his own, this can cause separation anxiety; separation anxiety in dogs is mostly caused by excessive devotion to its owner. This may be the result of being weaned too early, being abandoned, or simply due to the dog’s temperament.

Extreme addiction

Separation anxiety in dogs is common and is mostly due to excessive devotion to its owner. This addiction may be the result of being weaned too early, being abandoned, or simply due to the dog’s temperament.It is a difficult but not impossible disorder to treat. And by being patient, you can completely eliminate the destructive behavior associated with separation anxiety.

What you need to pay attention to: Common types of behavior associated with the problem are urinating and / or defecating in unsuitable places, damaging gingering and clawing, excessive barking or whining, refusal to eat or drink, self-nibbling or self-licking. Often a long, overly enthusiastic welcome will also await you when you return home.

Punishment is not the solution on separation anxiety in dogs

In this case, the last thing you should do is punish your dog. After a few hours, he will not be able to make a connection between the punishment he received and the mess he received while you were out. Your dog may appear to have committed a crime; however, this is just a submissive act – dogs don’t feel guilty but can expect a punishment.

Don’t look down, squeeze his tail between his legs, walk sneakily, show his belly … these are all methods of showing your dog’s submission, not his guilt.

dog looking out of a window

Come and go

The best method to deal with this problem is to reduce your dog’s anxiety and addiction. You can do this easily by letting your dog get used to people coming and going home.When leaving the house, do not fall on too much or make saying goodbye a big deal; for this will only increase his anxiety. Similarly, when you return, greet him calmly and only after he has calmed down.

You can also try some home-in and out ‘practice’ to get him used to your departure. Do this several times a day and apply it as a full routine as if you are really going.Jiggle your keys, grab your handbag or briefcase, put on your jacket and take your head out the door. You can even get in your car and tour around the block. Come back in a minute or two.

As your dog gets used to going outside for a short time, gradually extend your stay outside. Your goal is to be able to leave the house and come back when you go somewhere without messing with your dog that is going crazy or misbehaving.If you can leave your dog alone for an hour, then you should get a clear idea of ​​being alone for a whole morning or a whole afternoon.

Just ignore it! Separation anxiety in dogs

If you are having problems with your dog, you may need to deal directly with the addiction. This is very difficult as you need to ignore your dog for a week or two.

Ask another person to feed your dog, take a walk and play with him; or even better, ask a few people to do them. It will not be easy to ignore your dog, especially when they are desperate for your attention; However, after a few weeks, you will notice that his sticky behavior becomes very less.

As always, if you are having difficulty with your dog, you should consult a veterinarian who can determine whether your dog’s misbehavior is due to separation anxiety or any underlying medical disorder.

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