Managing your puppy during in heat

If your puppy is not neutered, it will first enter the period of being in heat about 5-8 months old. If you do not want to mate, there is no benefit for a puppy to go into an being in the heat period, and many dog owners decide to sterilize their puppy before going in. It is a cycle that lasts 21 days, which can cause a big change in your pet’s daily routine. Once in heat, it will be extremely attractive to male dogs, and if you are not careful, this period can result in the birth of unwanted puppies.

Symptoms that show that you are in the “being in heat” period

First, you may notice a small amount of bloody discharge from the genital area – this condition is sometimes called ‘menstrual bleeding’. You can see that he constantly licks this area; this is a sure sign that your puppy is in the “heat” period.

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How should this situation be managed?

If you don’t want to be a magnet for male dogs, you’ll need to keep it safe during this period. If you take it to a public place, you will have to be very careful to keep it under control. This will be possible by wearing the leash and try to keep it away from male dogs. Your dog’s hormones can cause it to move too much to stand still during this period; therefore, it may not be as benign as usual.

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