Managing your male puppy in heat

When your male puppy is around six months old, he’ll go from childhood to adolescence. Adolescence can cause changes in body shape, as growth slows down and your body begins to become plump. Slender and leggy puppies will more gracefully acquire adult body proportions over the next six months.

Bad behaviour on male puppy

This is also the time when male puppy , although a little confused, started thinking about the opposite sex. For some dogs, pillows, furniture, and even the owner’s legs can provide an outlet for their tension, and mating behavior is common at this age. Although irritating and annoying, this behavior will normally subside after a few months; however, some dogs will continue to mate with objects after this period has passed. Neutering your male dog is a good solution in the vast majority of these situations. This routine operation involves removing the testicles, which are the main source of hormones and the cause of these behaviors.

Changing habits of a male puppy

Another change you may notice as your male dog grows is that he starts lifting his leg while he urinates. This is perfectly normal; However, a small number of dogs may also begin to mark their area by raising their legs and urinating on objects in the house. Aggression towards other male dogs may also occur during these ‘adolescence’ years. Neutering can be the resolve of these problems. Many dog ​​owners prefer to neuter their male dogs when they are about six months old. Before showing these potential behaviors.

two dogs

Going to defense

Some young male dogs may start to show defensive behavior for what they think is their own – things can be your home and garden, a precious toy, or even a member of your family. While it is comforting to know that your dog wants to defend your home and family, this type of protective behavior can cause problems if your dog also begins to react aggressively. If your dog growls when approached while eating his food or playing with a toy, these should be regarded as signs that his territorial instinct is too developed. There are a number of behavioral techniques that can be used to assist these dogs. Your veterinarian may be able to advise you or consider referring to a pet behavior specialist. Neutering sometimes helps with aggression towards the area.

True love

There is another type of behavior that you may notice that it shows only from time to time. If a female dog is in heat, you may see that your male dog is not getting close to her food. He is uninterested or he is wandering restless and irritable. For male dogs, it is not uncommon to actively try to flee to find the goal of their emotional attachment. This behavior can cause dogs to have an accident or get lost. More attention and a little pampering will help him through this troubled period. Of course, like adolescents, some male puppies present more of a challenge than others; But fortunately, it will survive puberty when everyone’s mental health is more or less good.

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