Kitten psychology

Understanding your kitten

It is worth the effort to understand the kitten way of thinking and why it behaves this way. That way, you’ll be able to build an even closer bond with him. Also, this effort will help you train her to avoid harmful behavior, thus making her a cat you love to share your home with.

How your kitten becomes a smart cat

Kittens learn by trying; If it’s a happy experience, your kitten will want to repeat it. If it’s an unpleasant experience, it will try to avoid it. When it comes to the education of your kitten, the most important thing to remember is that rewards lead to success. this will only frighten him.

To discourage your kitten from something you don’t want her to do, create a positive environment around what she’s allowed to do. For example, to prevent him from scratching your furniture, encourage him to use a scratching board instead. Try making an activity center that gets excited; Place his toys around him, put some catnip, and praise him when he uses the activity center.

If your relationship with your cat is based on fun and play, and you devote time to him, as well as providing him with lots of energizing toys to keep him busy, he won’t even think of being abusive. Bad behavior is often just the result of boredom.

Why is he doing this?

So much for normal behavior. However, sometimes you will notice that your kitten does things that seem a little strange. Here are some explanations.

kitten with flower

Why is my kitten sucking something?

Sometimes you may notice your kitten sucking on a blanket or a toy; some people even found kittens sucking their own ears when they woke up! There is no clear explanation for this; But probably, kittens that are weaned earlier are more likely to suck for peace of mind. Perhaps it is due to boredom; Try to draw your cat’s attention to the toys and maintain that interest.

Cats eating non-nutritional things is called Pika. Pica can be dangerous if cats are eating things that can block digestion, such as cloth or string. Also, some potted plants can be toxic to cats. Eating grass is normal for cats, so don’t worry about it. In rare cases, Pica can be linked to some diseases; Therefore, if you are worried, contact your veterinarian without hesitation.

Why is my kitten sleeping so much?

Most cats sleep between 13 and 18 hours a day; however, this period depends on their personality and age. The kitten will probably sleep more. Indeed, when they’re first born, kittens spend most of their time sleeping. This ensures that they stay close to their mother, do not wander alone and do not put themselves in danger.

Cats are nocturnal animals; Therefore, they enjoy sleeping during the day and being more active at night. This can be complicated, especially if you have small children who want to play with your kitten during the day, or if your kitten is prone to ‘nighttime frenzy’. If you play with your kitten during the day, and especially before bedtime, you have a better chance of staying asleep at night.

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