Excavating dogs

If excavating dogs are slowly turning your garden into a lunar surface view full of craters from, don’t despair; Because digging is a natural behavior for them.

The first step you need to take is to try to determine the reason your dog digs the ground. Dogs can be digging up because of a predatory instinct or to bury bones or toys. This is an instinctive behavior bestowed upon him to hide his own food from other predators.

Excavating Dogs

Especially if your dog is pregnant, digging the ground can also be the result of a nesting instinct. It will also open a pit if it is too hot, as it digs the ground and touches the cool soil and provides a somewhat shady shelter. If your dog is digging under the fence or somewhere near the door, he may just be trying to get out of the garden. Some dogs dig up the place to ease boredom or just to have fun. Some dogs may have a genetic predisposition to dig the ground; for example Terrier breed dogs are famous digging experts.

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What can you do?

Once you determine the reason for your dog digging the ground, it is also easy to fix. All you need is constant patience. If your dog is digging the ground to hunt wild creatures, you should find a way to keep them away; Perhaps, you can make some kind of visor or a barrier so that your dog cannot see other animals – in this case, if he cannot see them, he will not be tempted to hunt them.

While wild creatures are on the side of the fence where your dog is, squirrels or birds will often move much faster than an average dog and will not have the chance to speed up enough to catch one of them.

Rats and rats will normally run at great speed when they see a dog. Since the poison you use can also affect your dog, you should be careful if you use poison to deal with pests such as rats and mice.

Energy spending

If you notice that your dog is trying to spend only the excess energy he has accumulated, you should try to get him to exercise more. Take a walk more often or take longer walks and try to plan a ‘game clock’ that includes games that will tire your dog like ‘go bring’.

If you catch your dog in a full hole, never scold him for doing so. Even if you take your dog to a place where he has dug, he will not be able to establish a connection between digging the ground and scolding him.

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