Cats in heat

Special care and attention is required for cats in heat. If your cat is already in anger, you won’t be able to forget her howl-like noises and constant demands for attention.

This period can be frustrating and uncomfortable for both of you if he is unable to mate. On the other hand, you need to be prepared for kittens that will potentially be born twice a year if they can make. If you do not plan to breed your cat, it is best to neuter her. This will be better for him and for you.

Fertile cats in heat

When your cat is in ‘heat’ he is in the fertile period of his reproductive cycle and is seeking mating. Mostly, it will go into heat during the spring and autumn seasons, and this heat can last for a period of several days to several weeks. When a cat is normally about six months old, it enters its first heat; However, in some cats, the first heat can occur as early as four months.

cats in heat

What you need to pay attention to

Your cat may be more affectionate during the heat; It can crawl onto furniture, walls, and people they love. It will likely crawl especially with its hind legs and may exhibit frequent mating by raising its hind legs and tail.

The most problematic features of an estrus period for a cat owner are the cat’s noises and urine spraying. Cats will make sounds similar to howling loudly and continuously during anger, as they try to get a male’s attention to mate. They can also spray strong-scented urine on walls or furniture in an effort to let a man know they’re there.

If your cat lives inside the house, he may try desperately to get outside and even attack windows or doors.

Sterilization when cats in heat

While your veterinarian will be able to prescribe a medication to reduce these symptoms. The best way to prevent a cat from going into heat is to neuter her. Once neutered. The cat will no longer go into heat, will show much less indulgence in its own territory. And will be less likely to squirt or scratch.

Most veterinarians prefer to wait until this cycle of the cat is finished before performing neutering. There are opinions that argue and oppose whether a kitten is neutered at a young age or to wait until it has its first period of heat. Your veterinarian will tell you which way his view is.

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