Adopting an adult cat

In the case of an adult cat, you will be able to get a very good idea of ​​the cat’s temperament right away. The behavior of a kitten when it is small can change significantly as it grows (and not always for the better). An adult cat’s personality will be more consistent, and you can evaluate all traits and behavioral tendencies through its interaction with the shelter team.

Make it easy

Strictly speaking, another reason to buy an adult cat instead of a kitten is because adult cats do less work. A lot of attention is required to get kittens active and keep them out of trouble. For someone who doesn’t have the time or energy to keep a kitten entertained, it will probably be much easier to adopt an adult cat.

Adult cats in shelters are rarely found here because of these cats or their personality. Often the living conditions of the owners have changed or allergy problems have arisen in the first home with their home. These are usually friendly, friendly cats that enjoy joining a new family.

Personality of an adult cat

The first thing to consider when adopting a cat is that its personality fits you well. The shelter team will be able to give you useful ideas about the cat’s temperament. These people can tell you if this cat is good with other animals or if it is better to be alone. He will also be able to say that the cat is either extremely gregarious or has a more relaxed personality. If you are buying a new cat to a house with cats and dogs, you should look for a cat that has lived with other animals before. Any cat, regardless of his background, will be happier in a beautiful house than in a shelter.

Get to know each other with an adult cat

Don’t forget to take time to be alone with the cat or cats you want to take home. Ask the shelter team if there is a quiet place outside of the nursing home where you can be with the cat. Being in the shelter can be extremely stressful and scary for the cat; so it may take a few minutes for him to calm down and let you see his true personality.

Most of the shelters will already have a thorough checkup and it is possible that all the cat’s vaccinations are up to date and have already been neutered. However, you should still examine the cat from its nose to its tail, trying to determine if it has any health problems.

Check between the lines

In some shelters you need to sign a contract when you are ready to own it. Be sure to read this agreement completely. Some conditions may include that the cat may not be given as a gift. If you are planning to give the cat as a gift, arrange for the future owner to visit the shelter and participate in the adoption process.

In general, you should get the cat (or cats) that have the strongest sense of attraction to you. We wish you good luck and congratulate you for the new member to join your family.

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