About Us

We want to meet the needs of our animal friends with whom we live together in the world, to hear their voices, to be with them and to share their feelings, in short, to be friends with each other. That is why we set out on this road in 2020 with all the love in our hearts.

Although the articles about our little friends are at academic level, our articles on animal care are written by experts in order not to give false information to our valuable readers.

The posts on mypetmylife.net are written by experienced animal owners. In addition, the shares of the animal health group were confirmed by expert veterinarians.

The copyrights of the content of our site belong to mypetmylife and it is not allowed to copy without permission, to quote without reference.

We love our animal friends and want to do nice things for them. In line with this request, our 5 basic principles guide us in every service we implement, work on and plan to do in the future:

To serve stray animals to their warm, permanent home.

Increasing pet ownership; organizing campaigns to show that they are a source of joy, happiness.

To inform pet owners in order to increase the quality of life of pets, to enable animal lovers to communicate with each other in order to solve their questions and problems, to be a communication channel in the transfer of information and experiences.

To bring veterinarians, pet businesses and experts together with pet owners.


Although our publications are written by original, professional and experienced editors, we recommend that you seek support from an expert veterinarian before applying the published information to your pet, due to the possibility that each animal may react differently to different methods on important issues such as health.

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